Score Sheet Entry

Humans on the Score Sheet Team are responsible for entering score sheets into the website. To get access to this functionality, an administrator has to give you “Event Manager” security.

To enter in score sheet data for a game, navigate to that game. In the black menu bar at the top, click “Edit Event”.

  • In the “Results” section:
    • Enter in the score-per-period for each team.
    • Enter in the total for each team.
  • In the “Details” section in the right column:
    • Click “Offense” and select the players who skated out.
    • Click “Defense” and select the goalie.
  • Hit “Update”.
  • In the “Box Score” section:
    • Enter the Goals, Assists, and Penalties for each player.
    • Enter Shots Against and Goals Against for the goalie.
  • Hit “Update”.