Team Jobs

Running a pirate ship (or hockey club) is an amazing amount of work. We believe in efficiency! And we know we can’t possibly do it all ourselves. Doing work for the team also increases the feeling of investment in the group and strengthens team identity and commitment. We like to build our ship together. And it’s a good idea for more than one person to know how to tie the knots.

Each full roster player will have at least one team job to carry out. Practice players are encouraged to take on team jobs too. Some jobs are easy, some jobs are harder. Jobs may be shared by more than one person. Jobs will be chosen annually in the off-season, preferably during registration. If for some reason you find you are unable to do your job or need help doing your job, please let us know so we can get you help or have you switch jobs with someone. If you will be unable to perform your job on a specific occasion (i.e. you are responsible for bringing the pucks and you won’t be at practice), you will need to find someone else to cover it in your absence (practice really sucks if no one brings the pucks).

If you have an idea for a new job that you (or someone else) can perform to help the team, please tell us about your idea! Everyone has a different skill set they bring to the team, please enrich the group by sharing your strengths with us.

All the current team jobs and their descriptions are listed below. Current job assignments are posted (you guess it, on a spreadsheet!) on the Jobs List. If there is more than one person working on a job team, the duties may be divided any way the team likes as long everyone contributes and all the duties are covered. If you feel something needs to be added, revised, further specified, or is better managed by another team – please let us know!

  • Alternate Captains
  • Away Game Logistics Team
  • Coaching Team
  • Club Mediation Team
  • Equipment Team
  • Ice Purchasing Team
  • Goalie Wrangling Team
  • Graphic Designer
  • Meeting Minutes Team
  • Outreach Team
  • Practice Attendance Team
  • Puck Producing Team
  • Recruiting Team
  • Referee Scheduling Team
  • Scheduling Team
  • Scorekeeper Wizardry Team
  • Score Sheet Team
  • Social Media Team
  • Social Coordinator
  • Shift Tracking Team
  • Sponsorship Team
  • Sub Finding Team
  • Team Captain
  • The Robertses
  • Tournament Team
  • Treasury Team
  • USA Hockey Registration Team
  • Website Team

Alternate Captains

  • Each team must have two alternate captains who wear an A on their jerseys.
  • The alternate captains are elected by the team early in the season. The Robertses will facilitate voting.
  • Lead the team by example in their behavior on and off the ice.
  • Takes on the duties of the captain in the captain’s absence.
  • Provides feedback or an alternate perspective to the captain on request.
  • These humans must be calm and not fluster easily.

Away Game Logistics Team

  • Organize car pools for away games.
    • Choose a convenient departure location.
    • Select a departure time that gets the team to the rink at least 30 minutes before game time and takes into account weather, traffic, and construction.
    • Send an email to the team several days in advance with the carpool details and asking for an RSVP.
    • Follow up with an email the day before the game with a list of all persons joining the carpool.
    • Communicate any last minute changes to someone who is going in the carpool.
  • If the team is playing games on consecutive days in a location far enough away that a hotel stay might be preferred, poll the team to find out if this is the case.
    • If so, select a convenient hotel and make appropriate arrangements.
      • You do not have to reserve rooms for everyone, merely arrange for a block of rooms if the group is sufficiently large – your teammates can call the hotel themselves to reserve their rooms.
      • If it is a small group, selecting the hotel and providing the phone number to your teammates may suffice.
      • Help facilitate room sharing if such things are needed.
  • It is recommended that each team have a person on the Away Game Logistics Team.

Coaching Team

  • Design and run practices for the team, both on-ice and off-ice.
  • Teach basic skating, hockey skills, strategies, philosophy, and positioning.
    • Answer any questions about hockey to the best of their knowledge.
  • Offer constructive feedback to individuals to help them improve their skills at practice and during games.
  • Manage the bench during games.
  • Offer team and individual insight at games to help players improve and adapt in the moment.
  • Manage shift length and call players to the bench as needed.
    • Sit players who run afoul of the shift length policies and report to the Robertses.
    • Appropriately address players who run afoul of any of The Rules and report to the Robertses.
  • Request the captain and/or alternate captain call for a time out as needed.
  • Helps determine player skill level and appropriate team placement.
  • Provide each player with a brief evaluation at the beginning and end of the season based on the WCHL assessment form simply for the player’s own reference.
  • Maintain an open dialogue with each player about what skills they want to focus on.
  • Select lines for each game in such a way as to have players playing their preferred positions most of the time and to keep the ice time as even as is reasonable.
  • Works closely with the Robertses.

Club Mediation Team

  • This is a peacekeeping and negotiation team.
  • Any individual who is a member of this team MUST be rational, calm, a good communicator, and not easily intimidated.
  • The Robertses are always on this team.
  • This team must have at least one other member who is not a Roberts and has no specific attachment to any of the current Robertses (i.e. romantically involved, related by marriage or blood, etc.).
  • If any significant conflict or concern should arise, the members of this team are the first point of contact for addressing the issue.
  • Any member of the club may bring any issue to any member of the Mediation Team.
  • Any such issues brought to this team must be addressed in a timely and fair manner for all parties involved.
  • The Robertses have final say in the resolution of any issues.
    • In the event of the Robertses not being able to reach agreement on the resolution, the matter will go to the full Club Mediation Team for a vote.

Equipment Team

  • Maintain and grow a library of equipment that can be loaned out or given to new recruits, especially goalie equipment.
  • Always bring a small set of emergency repair tools to every on-ice event.
  • Manage team uniforms and apparel.
    • Work closely with the Robertses, Graphic Designer, and Sub Finding Team.
    • Research and select options for team jerseys and apparel.
    • Procure samples for sizing if possible, and allow team to try them on.
    • Provide pricing.
    • Coordinate and place orders for jerseys, socks, and apparel.
      • Each player must choose a unique number, no duplicating numbers across teams.
      • Maintain an accurate list of used and available jersey numbers on the Jersey Tracking Google Sheet.
      • Maintain an accurate list of any team owned jerseys including size, number, and who is currently in possession of each team owned jersey on the Jersey Tracking Google Sheet.
      • Each player may put whatever name they wish (or none at all) on the back of their jersey. Use of the name “Roberts” or other Princess Bride related references is highly encouraged.
    • Collect funds and give them to the Treasury Team.
      • Do not order any items that have not already been paid for by the ordering player.
    • Ensure that any subs have a team jersey to borrow or will bring an appropriately colored and numbered jersey of their own.
      • Make sure any borrowed jerseys are returned.
      • Launder borrowed equipment and jerseys as appropriate.
    • It is recommended that each team have a person on the Equipment Team.

Ice Purchasing Team

  • Purchase all ice for home games and practices.
  • Coordinate with Treasurer for budget and payment.
  • Provide ice times to schedulers as soon as they are known.
  • Work closely with the Scheduling Team.

Goalie Wrangling Team

  • Facilitate players having a secondary class of goalie (primary class being skater).
  • Identify players interested in developing goalie skills.
  • Arrange dates/times when those players will play or practice as goalies.
  • Coordinate with coaches for appropriate instruction of goalies.
  • Make sure all necessary goalie equipment is procured (loaned and returned) and help dress goalies as needed.
  • Identify games where goalie subs will be needed and work to get those games covered as early as possible.
  • Work closely with the Sub Finding Team and Recruiting Team

Graphic Designer

  • The keeper of the team logo.
  • Design (or procure design of) any graphics for the team.
  • Provide said graphics to other teams as needed.
  • Consult on best practices with other job teams using the logo.

Meeting Minutes Team

  • Record complete and accurate notes during any team meetings that include “business” content.
  • Distribute notes to club via email within 10 days of a meeting and solicit feedback to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Make changes accordingly and redistribute to the team.
  • Post finalized notes on this website (or submit them to the Robertses or Website Team to post).

Outreach Team

  • Contact representatives from other local teams and arrange for a meeting of interested parties to discuss growing women’s hockey in Dane county and the surrounding area. Include the Robertses. A possible outcome of this meeting would be a continuing coalition between teams to further the growth of women’s hockey in a joint fashion.
  • Identify events that would make good community outreach opportunities and propose them to the Robertses and previously mentioned coalition.
  • Attend approved events, hopefully with representatives of other teams, with the purpose of engaging women in discussions about women’s hockey and persuading them to start playing.
  • Brainstorm and propose other ways to do outreach and get more women playing hockey, especially goalies, and preferably under the Dread Pirates flag.
  • Work closely with the Recruiting and Sub Finding Teams.

Practice Attendance Team

  • Track and document player attendance for each game and practice via the Practice Attendance Google Sheet on the schedule page of this website.
  • Anyone who takes on this duty MUST be a highly reliable and accurate human, competent with Google Sheets, have regular access to the internet and an appropriate device.
  • Works closely with the Robertses and the Sub Finding Team.
  • It is recommended that each team have a person on the Practice Attendance Team.

Puck Producing Team

  • Split the club pucks into two bags for each team.
  • Attempt to clearly label each puck with a mark identifying them as belonging to the Dread Pirates.
  • Ensure at least one bag of pucks per team is present at every on-ice event. If needed, recruit someone outside the Puck Producing Team to produce the pucks in your absence.
  • Collect the pucks and re-bag them when they are done being used.
  • Maintain an adequate number of pucks in each bag – redistribute between bags as needed.
  • If more pucks need to be procured, inform the Robertses and work with the Treasury Team to produce said pucks.
  • Obtain a small first aid kit (ask Kathleen) and make sure it is present at every on-ice event.
  • Create a list of emergency contacts for each player and make sure it is present at every on-ice event.

Recruiting Team

  • Monitor and respond in a timely fashion to emails received on the team account from people inquiring about the team.
  • Identify and engage potential new skaters for open full roster and practice player spots.
  • Invite new recruits to participate in practice and coordinate borrowing gear for them as needed.
  • Clearly communicate team expectations and policies to possible new recruits.
  • Accurately gauge a new recruit’s skill level to help them choose an appropriate team.
  • Welcome, introduce, and support a new recruit in their first interactions with the team.
  • Help new recruits to find a place on a different team in the area if that is their goal.
  • Work closely with the Sub Finding and Outreach Teams.

Referee Scheduling Team

  • Schedule referees for all home games via
  • Check to make sure referees are scheduled one week prior to each game. If not, resolve the issue immediately and notify the Robertses.
  • Cancel referees as needed.
  • Coordinate with the Treasury Team to pay the referees via
  • Works closely with the Scheduling Team, Treasury Team, and the Robertses.
  • Anyone who takes on this duty MUST be a highly reliable human with good communication skills and regular access to the internet.
  • It is recommended that each team have a person on the Referee Scheduling Team.

Scheduling Team

  • Prior to the scheduling meeting, request from teammates a list of their known schedule conflicts – especially goalies.
  • Prepare a list of home ice times, possible tournament dates, outside events that might effect attendance at a game (i.e. Super Bowl Sunday), and known schedule conflicts.
  • If one of the Robertses is not attending the meeting, confer with them about which games to schedule prior to the meeting.
  • Attend the scheduling meeting (usually the weekend after Labor Day) for the purpose of scheduling all league games and desired exhibition games.
  • If there are any remaining unscheduled game ice times, schedule appropriate games or scrimmages for these slots.
  • Communicate schedule and any subsequent schedule changes to the WCHL in a timely fashion.
  • Use existing schedule documents (Google Sheets) to post the schedule to this website.
    • Schedule information is to be posted as soon as it is available, even in draft form.
    • Clearly mark the schedule as “In Progress” until it is finalized.
    • All schedule sheets and the attendance sheet are to be updated.
    • Whoever assumes this duty MUST be competent with Google Sheets, have regular access to the internet, an appropriate device to work from, and be a reliable human.
  • Communicate schedule status (draft posted, draft updated, final schedule posted, update to schedule) to the team and coaches via email as soon as possible.
  • The week before a game, contact the other team to confirm game location, time, jersey color, and any other pertinent information.
  • Each team should have at least one person on the Scheduling Team.
  • Anyone with a difficult schedule should be on the Scheduling Team.
  • Goalies are highly encouraged to be on the Scheduling Team.
  • First year members, in general, should not be part of the Scheduling Team unless they have previous playing experience in the WCHL.
  • Work closely with Ice Purchasing Team.

Scorekeeper Wizardry Team

  • This duty is not easy.
  • This duty MUST be performed by a reliable human with excellent communication skills to prevent the Robertses from having heart attacks.
  • It is recommended that each team have a person on the Scorekeeper Wizardry Team.
  • Recruit people to run the clock and fill out the score sheet at each home game.
    • It is best to have at least two people for each game, although not strictly required.
    • List the scorekeeper(s) on the attendance sheet as they commit to games.
    • Contact them a few days prior to the game they are signed up for and confirm they will be present at least 10 minutes prior to game time.
    • Before the game, make sure the scorekeeper(s) are prepared and well instructed in their duties.
      • Help them set up the clock and provide them with a copy of the instructions on the schedule page.
      • Make sure they have a score sheet and writing utensil.
      • Provide them with a copy of the (yet to be created) instructions for filling out the score sheet.
      • Answer any questions they have.
      • Remind them to get the referees to sign the score sheet at the end of the game.
      • Remind them to distribute a copy to the other team and to our Score Sheet Team.
    • Ideas for recruiting scorekeepers:
      • Ask the other Dread Pirates Team.
      • Ask teammates to recruit their friends and loved ones.
      • Ask any teammate who is injured or otherwise sitting out for that game.
      • Ask practice players and new recruits.

Score Sheet Team

  • Bring blank score sheets to every home game or designate someone to do it in your absence.
  • For all games, fill out each player’s name and number on the sheet or pass the sheet around to accomplish this.
    • Only include players who are dressing and at least sitting on the bench for a given game.
    • Review sheet for completeness and accuracy.
  • Pass score sheet to opposing team’s locker room at least 10 minutes prior to game time.
  • Retrieve the score sheet from opposing team at game time and give it to the scorekeeper.
    • For league games, count the number of names listed by the opposing team and make sure it matches the number of dressed bodies on their bench (don’t forget to count their goalie). If there is any discrepancy, ask the other team to resolve it prior to the game starting. THIS IS IMPORTANT, do not forget to do this.
    • Keep an eye out for any players who join the game after it starts and make sure they are properly listed on the score sheet.
  • If it is an away game or tournament, make sure to get a copy of the score sheet after the game. If you will not be there, designate someone else to do this.
  • For every league game that the Dread Pirates win or tie, submit a copy or photo of the score sheet to the league representative via email ASAP. Whoever takes on this duty MUST have regular access to the internet and a device to copy or photograph the score sheet and be a reliable human.
  • Following every game, enter the relevant statistics accurately on the proper tab in the attendance sheet in a timely manner. Remember, the Robertses love data. Whoever takes on this duty MUST be competent with Google Sheets, have regular access to the internet, an appropriate device to perform this duty, and be a reliable human.
  • Following every game, enter the relevant statistics accurately on the website. You can review the documentation on how to perform this task.
  • It is recommended that each team have a person on the Score Sheet Team.

Social Media Team

  • Establish and maintain an official club presence on various social media platforms.
  • Post to the team’s social media accounts regularly and appropriately.
  • Engage with relevant communities on these platforms to spark interest in women’s hockey.
  • Work closely with the Website Team to coordinate content and posts.
  • Anyone taking on this duty MUST have at least basic familiarity and experience with these social platforms and have regular access to them via a personally owned device.

Social Coordinator

  • This is a year round job is actually more important in the off season to keep the team spirit alive through the summer doldrums.
  • Coordinates social events for the team and distributes information to all team members so they may participate if desired
  • Ideas for events:
    • Going out for food and/or beverages after hockey events.
    • Attending other hockey games as spectators.
    • Holiday gatherings.
    • Recreational activities such as hiking, biking, running, other sports, camping, climbing, boating, fishing, etc.
    • Escape room outings.
    • Laser tag.
    • Picnics.
    • Whatever you can think of and there is interest in.
  • This person is also responsible for coordinating the full team parties/meetings that may happen at the beginning and end of the season. Note: coordinating does not mean hosting and it can include delegation of sub-tasks.

Shift Tracking Team

  • For every game, record which players play which positions. If this changes during a game, record this information and the approximate time during the game when changes occurred.
  • Enter this information in the Shift Tracker Google Sheet after each game.
  • Anyone who takes on this duty MUST be a highly reliable and accurate human, competent with Google Sheets, have regular access to the internet and an appropriate device.
  • Works closely with the Robertses.
  • It is recommended that each team have a person on the Shift Tracking Team.

Sponsorship Team

  • Identify opportunities for individuals and/or businesses to sponsor the team (i.e. give us money).
  • We are a 501(c)(3) organization – donations to us are tax deductible.
  • Work with sponsors to arrange a benefit for them appropriate to their donation. Ideas include advertising spots on our website, social media, jerseys/socks or just about anything else that’s reasonable and appropriate.
  • Funds raised in this manner are to be turned over to the Treasury Team.
  • Work closely with the Treasury Team and the Robertses.
  • Funds raised in this manner are to be used for purchasing a set of team owned goalie equipment, assisting players with financial hardships, reducing team fees for the whole club, and otherwise furthering the club’s goals of growing women’s hockey.

Sub Finding Team

  • Maintain an updated list of contact information for potential subs (especially goalies) that are willing to fill in if needed.
  • Monitor the attendance sheet and invite subs to play as needed following the relevant policies listed in the team policy area of this website.
  • Hound teammates to fill out the attendance sheet if they are negligent in this.
  • Work closely with the Recruiting and Outreach Teams.

Team Captain

  • Each team must have a captain who wears a C on their jersey.
  • The captain is elected by the team early in the season. The Robertses will facilitate voting.
  • The captain is the only player who may speak to the referees during a game. Specifically about penalties, rule interpretations, clarifications, and to call time outs.
  • Lead the team by example in their behavior on and off the ice.
  • Communicate team concerns to the Robertses as needed.
  • Consults with alternate captains as needed.
  • Fills in for an absent coach at games as needed.
  • Runs pre-game warm ups on the ice.
  • This human must be calm and not fluster easily.

The Robertses

  • The Robertses run the club.
  • They are responsible for any duties not otherwise outlined in the Team Jobs.
  • Any unfilled team jobs become the responsibility of the Robertses.
  • They are responsible for making sure all the team jobs get done.
  • They are the club’s representatives to the WCHL and handle all communications with the WCHL unless otherwise specified.
  • They create and publish team policies.
  • They determine player status (full roster, practice player, new recruit, which team(s) a player is rostered with) per published policies.
  • The Robertses manage the club’s email account and Google documents.
  • The Robertses lead by example.
  • The Robertses are listed on the club’s bank account and responsible for filing any necessary financial or organizational forms including taxes.
  • They set the team’s future plans and goals.
  • They determine how many teams to run and the levels and dispositions of those teams.
  • They schedule and run all club meetings.
  • They select the coaches.
  • The Robertses are subject to all the rules and policies laid out for the club on this website.
  • When in doubt, ask a Roberts.
  • They have the final say.
  • The Robertses will run the club until such time as they wish to retire. In the event they retire, they will select and train one or more successors who will become the next Roberts(es).

Tournament Team

  • Identify tournaments that the team may want to play in.
  • Determine if there is enough interest to field a team of eligible players per the tournament rules.
  • Sign up players according to the relevant team policies.
  • Determine the cost (work with the Robertses and the Treasury Team).
  • Collect fees and give them to the Treasury Team.
  • Register the team for the tournament.
  • Distribute tournament information to the team. Highlight any special rules for the tournament.
  • If there is a theme (i.e. The Dam Tourney), organize efforts to adhere to the theme.
  • Work closely with the Robertses, Treasury Team, Scheduling Team, and Away Game Logistics Team.

Treasury Team

  • Establish and maintain the club’s bank account.
  • Collect all incoming funds and deposit them into the team account.
    • Keep accurate, detailed records of all incoming funds.
    • With consent of the Robertses, arrange payment schedules for anyone who cannot pay all their fees at once.
    • Ensure that all teammates have paid the appropriate fees by the specified deadlines.
    • Hound any delinquent teammates until fees are paid.
    • If anyone has not paid their fees on time or per their arranged schedule, notify the Robertses – that person will not be able to skate until they have paid their fees.
  • Pay all club bills on time.
    • Keep accurate detailed records of all funds paid.
  • Prepare and post an annual financial report.
  • File the club’s tax documents.
  • Prepare a budget for each hockey season and recommend a fee schedule.
  • Ensure the club’s continued financial solvency.
  • Whoever takes on this duty MUST be competent with Google Sheets, have regular access to the internet, an appropriate device to work from, and be a reliable human.
  • Work closely with the Ice Purchasing Team and the Robertses.

USA Hockey Registration Team

  • Remind all teammates to register for USA hockey in August.
  • Collect from all teammates and distribute to the club by November 1st at the latest:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Email
  • Collect the following from all teammates and register the team(s) with USA Hockey as soon as rosters are finalized.
    • Name
    • Birthdate
    • USA Hockey registration confirmation number
  • If there are any changes to the roster, collect the above information from any new teammates, update the team’s roster on the USA Hockey portal, submit the update to the WCHL for league teams, and distribute updated contact info to the club.
  • Works closely with the Robertses and the Recruitment Team.

Website Team

  • Maintain domain name registration and DNS records as appropriate.
  • Maintain web hosting subscription.
  • Design and update team website.
  • Develop, write, and edit content for team website and blog.
  • Create, update, and maintain all Google documents used by the club.
  • Collect photos appropriate for use on the website from teammates and post them.
  • Liaise with Social Media Team to coordinate content.
  • Perform SEO Wizardry to make our web site show up first for people looking to get into hockey.
  • Work closely with the Social Media Team, Treasury Team, Scheduling Team, and the Robertses.
  • Anyone taking on this duty MUST be competent with drag and drop web site editors, Google Sheets, have regular access to the internet, an appropriate device to work from, and be a reliable human.