We believe in honesty and openness. We prefer more information to less. We LOVE data. We value efficiency and fairness. We see inclusion as preferable to exclusion. We want things to be straightforward. We have this crazy idea that most humans are generally reasonable and logical creatures. We view a leader as being in the service of those she is leading.

We dislike beating around the bush, leading people on, not talking about an elephant in the room, and obscuring the truth in service of not “hurting feelings” (we do believe in being kind while also being truthful).

We know that things run better when everyone is working from the same base of information. When information is clear, easily accessible to all, and consistent, everyone knows what to expect and what is expected of them. New recruits will know our character before they decide to sign on to the team and can make sure this team is a good match for them. In this way, we build more consistency and continuity of players in the club and deeper, more meaningful relationships between players. If you are reading this and thinking “Gosh, I really want to play, but this team doesn’t sound like the best match for me,” please contact us and we will help you find a team that’s a better match for you. Again, the ultimate goal is to enable more women to play hockey on our team as well as on other teams. After all, every team needs other teams to play against.

Thus, we have written out all of our team policies and published them here. We will update them as needed. Our policies are all designed to facilitate our mission to grow hockey from the bottom up and enable women to play in a fun and safe environment. By writing out our policies, anyone should be able to read them and come to the same conclusion the current “Robertses” will come to for any given situation.

If you have a concern about any policy or think we need to add another one, please speak up – we like to hear different points of view. We acknowledge that we don’t always have the best answer and we like to learn new, better ways of doing things. That being said, our leadership structure is a shared benevolent dictatorship. We currently have five Robertses, and their decisions are final.