Practice Players

All practice players are encouraged to take on one or more Team Jobs.

Practice players are welcome at all practices. They may also be invited to tournaments. They are welcome at any team meetings or social events. If they are not skating in a game, they are encouraged to help out on the bench, with the clock and score sheet, or cheering in the stands. Practice players pay half the cost of full rosters. When the team needs subs for a game, practice players will be the first people asked. Who is asked first will be determined by the criteria laid out in the games policy. There is no guarantee as to the number of games one can expect to play, however every effort will be made to give each practice player an equal number of game opportunities. When full roster spots become available, practice players will be asked to fill them starting with the player who has been with the team the longest as determined by their date of first contact. Practice players will be added to the WCHL league roster for league teams until that roster is filled (25 humans max) when they sun in their first league game. This allows them to sub in league games as only rostered players may sub in league games.