New Players

We love new players! If all the full roster and practice player spots are full, anyone looking to join the club will have a status of new recruit. New recruits are welcome at all team meetings and social events. They are encouraged to help out at games on the bench, running the clock and score sheet, or cheering in the stands. New recruits are invited to join practices so they can decide if this is the team for them and to learn more about hockey. If a sub is needed and all the practice players have been asked, new recruits may be asked to skate in games. If there are tournament spots available after all the full roster and practice players have had a chance to sign up, new recruits can sign up for tournaments. New recruits will be offered practice player spots and full roster spots as the become available and according to the priorities set forth in the Practice Player and Full Roster pages on this website. If more there is more than one new recruit, the one who has been with the team the longest per their date of first contact will be asked first.