Playoffs are the culmination of the WCHL regular season.  They are generally on a weekend in March or April.  The location alternates between somewhere in the north division for even numbered years and somewhere in the south division for odd numbered years.  It is a round robin style tournament with a three game guarantee and an additional championship game for the top two teams at each skill level following round robin play.   It’s a great opportunity to play some different teams at one’s own skill level.  And did we mention it’s also a lot of fun?

Typically, for each skill level within the league, the top 50% of teams are eligible for playoffs.  For an individual player to be eligible for playoffs, they must be listed on the team’s official roster that was filed with the league and have played in at least 50% of the league games over the season.  If a player does not meet this minimum number of games requirement, an appeal can be made to the league for players who were injured, ill, or joined the team late.  If a player is double rostered on two league teams and both teams make playoffs, the player must play only with their primary team.  If only the secondary team makes playoffs, that player may skate with the secondary team.