Double Rosters

Double Rosters are players who are on the WCHL league roster for more than one league team. This content is only relevant for players on league teams, including practice players since they are also on the league roster.

The WCHL policy on double rosters is stated on their website as follows:

“Players can only roster on two league teams, and they must be in neighboring divisions. However, organizations that have multiple teams that are not in neighboring divisions can double roster players per approval of the Board.
Each team can “host” a maximum of two double rostered players. This means that the host team is their first priority. For example, let’s look at a hockey organization called Our Team that has Green and Blue level teams. According to the double rostering rule, two Green players can play up on Blue, and two Blue players can play down on Green.

All double rostered players must declare to the league which team is the primary team prior to the first league game.

Goaltenders do not count toward the double rostered players. Teams are allowed to double-roster one goalie.”

Additionally, as we have learned from past experience, if a player is double rostered and both of their teams make playoffs, they may only play with their primary team. If only the secondary team makes playoffs, that player may play with the secondary team at playoffs.

There is also no limit to the number of players who can double roster as a secondary player on a given team. For example, let’s say Team A has two players who are double rostered to Team Z with Team A being the primary team. And Team B also has two players who are double rostered to Team Z with Team B being their primary team. Team Z has 4 double rosters whose primary team is another team. However, if all three teams go to playoffs, Team Z is missing 4 players.

Double roster requests will be handled as follows:

  • Requests to double roster within the club will have priority over requests to double roster with a team outside the club.
  • Requests from players who have not double rostered in the past will be given priority over requests from players who have previously double rostered.
  • Double roster requests will be evaluated in the order they were received.
  • If a tie breaking factor is needed to grant one request over another, a player’s date of first contact will be used.
  • If granting a double roster request will put a Dread Pirates team over or under the maximum or minimum number of skaters for that team, this may supersede other listed considerations.
  • A player must be at an appropriate skill level for both teams for a double roster request to be granted.
  • Players interested in double rostering should contact the Robertses as soon as they know they are interested.