Two of our rules are Safety and Respect. We require that our players conduct themselves in such a manner at all times when participating in a team event, representing the team, or interacting with their teammates, on-ice or off-ice. If the game isn’t physically safe for everyone (including opponents), it’s not fun. And if the game isn’t emotionally safe for everyone (including opponents), it’s also not fun.

Unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • Intentionally physically injuring someone.
  • Checking a player on the ice in a non-accidental way.
  • Repeatedly accidentally causing physically dangerous situations on the ice with no attempt to reduce the frequency and risk level of such incidents.
  • Engaging in horseplay that is likely to cause injury.
  • Consuming alcohol while participating in a game or practice.
  • Consuming enough alcohol to cause impairment prior to a game or practice and then participating in the game or practice.
  • Bringing firearms, other weapons of any kind (pocket knives are ok), or illegal substances to any team event.
  • Intimidating a teammate or opponent in any way.
  • Threatening a teammate or opponent in any way.
  • Arguing with, yelling at, or having any physical contact with a referee.
  • Teasing another player or opponent in a way they consider to be offensive or demeaning.
  • Spreading rumors or gossip.
  • Speaking ill of another player for the purpose of impugning their reputation.

Acceptable behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • Occasional accidental contact – please apologize and ensure the other player(s) involved are all ok.
  • Engaging in horseplay with little risk of injury.
  • Consuming as much alcohol as you like after a game or practice, or at a team social event – please call a cab or designate a driver if needed.
  • Enjoying your firearms, weapons, and illegal substances outside of hockey and at your own risk.
  • Good natured teasing that does not cause anyone to feel offended or demeaned.
  • Laughing at oneself and inviting others to share your laughter. Epic hockey fails can be pretty funny.
  • Discussing another player’s negative behaviors so as to try and understand them better or with intent to improve a situation.
  • Calmly and politely requesting that a teammate wearing a C or an A on their jersey ask the referee a question on your behalf or request that the referee pay more attention to XYZ. Per USA Hockey rules, the only people allowed to speak to a referee are the team captain and alternate captains and they must be wearing their letters on their jersey.
  • Judicious use of common sense
    • When in doubt, ask.
    • If you make a mistake, own it, apologize, make reparations if needed, and move on.
    • Not everyone has the same views as you, be very cautious when discussing politics, religion, and other sensitive topics.
    • You don’t have to like everyone – if all you can do to be respectful is smile and not say anything, please do so. Walk away if necessary.
    • Assume other people do not have evil intentions unless presented with repeated, incontrovertible proof that they are indeed the spawn of a semi-humanoid demon from another dimension on a specific mission to personally cause you immense and continual pain and suffering.

If anyone is concerned about violations of the Safety and Respect rules, please bring it to the Planks (currently Angela, Avery, Jill, Ingrid, and FL) for review and discussion. If perhaps you are uncomfortable approaching one of the Planks regarding a specific incident, please bring it to the attention of someone on the Mediation Team (see the Team Jobs List for the current Mediator’s names).

Options for managing violations of the Safety and Respect rules include but are not limited to:

  • A gentle reminder to follow the rules.
  • A stern request to follow the rules.
  • The offending player made be required to apologize and make the situation right.
  • The offending player may have to sit out an appropriate number of games and/or practices.
  • The offending player may be asked to leave the team.

Use of these options is at the sole discretion of the Planks. Every effort will be made to choose a reasonable and appropriate option should such a thing be necessary. Please don’t make such a thing necessary.